Land for Sale near Dorris, California

This beautiful, five-acre parcel rests in tranquil Pleasant Valley about seven minutes from Dorris, California and about 30-35 minutes from Klamath Falls, Oregon. It features a small seasonal stream and meadow, several large ponderosa pines, and a bounty of fragrant juniper and sagebrush. Paved Ponderosa Lane leads to within about 200 feet of the property. The flat parcel is bounded on three sides by good dirt roads. Other roads stretch through vast areas of relatively undeveloped parts of Pleasant Valley, so you can walk or ride your bike or horse for miles through the tranquil forest, seeing few people but lots of deer, squirrel, and rabbits.

Several nice houses along Ponderosa Lane lead to the lot. Power and phone and DSL Internet access are at the corner of the land. The neighboring homes on Ponderosa have hit good water at around 160 feet, and have generally had little or no difficulty installing septic systems. Of course, this is not a guarantee that you would have the same luck, but it's quite possible you've found the perfect place for your homestead.

Pleasant Valley subdivision land for sale near Dorris, California

View of parcel from near the corner of Tall Pine and Ponderosa (where power and phone are located).
That's my golden retriever Molly approaching Tall Pine with a great stick she found on the property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what services are available at the parcel?

Phone and power are at the corner of the parcel at Ponderosa Lane and Tall Pine Road. DSL Internet service is available from Cal-Ore Communications. A satellite dish will bring you all the television channels you want, and you can also use satellite for Internet access.

Who are you?

I'm John Soares and I live near the north side of Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County in Northern California. You can find out more about me at my Northern California Hiking Trails website, and more specifically the Northern California Hiking Trails-John Soares link and at my outdoors author and college textbook supplements writer page. I also sell an e-book on how to write college textbook supplements and another on how freelance writers can be more productive. I also write the Productive Writers blog.

Why are you selling this land?

I'm happy with the current house and land that I live on. I want the cash from the sale for other investments.

Are you willing to carry a loan on the property?

I prefer a full cash payment. However, I would consider a 50% down-payment with a one-year or two-year loan.

How do we contact you?

E-mail me:

Are the property boundaries clearly marked?

Yes, you will find all the boundaries well marked with yellow tape. Five of the six pins are located exactly; one, at the corner of Ponderosa Lane and Tall Pine Road, is approximate.

What are the directions to the property?

Download the road directions here, and the parcel map here. (See parcels 97 and 76, highlighted in yellow.) From downtown Dorris (on Highway 97 just south of the Oregon border) head west from Highway 97 to Picard Road. Take Picard Road west about 2 miles and turn right on Matthews Road. Follow Matthews Road a little over two miles. At a fork you bear left onto Ponderosa Lane. Travel 300 yards or so past several homes. As you pass the last house the pavement gives way to dirt. (All roads are paved up to this point.) The property borders this last house. The other three borders of the property are Tall Pine Road and Sequoia Way. Turn right off of Ponderosa Lane onto Tall Pine Road and right again onto Sequoia Way to drive three of the four sides of the property.

What are Siskiyou County APN numbers of the two lots of the parcel?

003-511-281 and 003-511-491.

What are the dimensions of the property?

The property is two 2.50-acre rectangular lots side by side. Each lot is 242' x 450'. The dimensions of the total parcel are 242' by 900'.

How is the property zoned?

It is zoned residential, with one house per lot permitted, along with outbuildings.

Can the two individual lots be subdivided?


How can I compare your parcel with others for sale in the Pleasant Valley Subdivision near Dorris, California?

Go to, type in Dorris, California, select "land", and then look at the lots in the Pleasant Valley Subdivision. As you do, keep in mind that my parcel is 5.0 acres, has excellent road access, and has power and phone and DSL Internet at the corner of Ponderosa Lane and Tall Pine Road. Many parcels have terrible road access and no phone or power or Internet, and unknown possibilities of drilling for water and getting a septic system approved by Siskiyou County.

Tell me about Dorris, California, the nearest town.

Dorris rests on the edge of Butte Valley just south of the Oregon border and has about 900 residents. It has basic services, including schools, a medical facility, a grocery store, several restaurants, plus gas stations, motels, and numerous other small businesses. Read about Dorris, California here, and about the Butte Valley, including Dorris and Macdoel, here.

Tell me about Klamath Falls, Oregon, the nearest large town.

Klamath Falls has about 42,000 people (including the surrounding areas). Klamath Falls has all the services you would expect: hospitals, doctors, auto mechanics, a Home Depot, a Walmart supercenter, large grocery stores, dozens of restaurants, and the usual assortment of movie theaters, etc. Read more about Klamath Falls statistics here, and about Klamath Falls businesses and attractions at the Chamber of Commerce site.

What's the weather like?

The elevation is about 4300 feet. Temperatures are pleasant in spring and fall. Summers are also temperate, with highs usually in the 80s and low 90s. Winter nights typically drop below the freezing mark, and there are definitely periods of winter snow.

What are the natural attractions in the area?

Besides the local wildlife and natural beauty around the property itself, there are many, many beautiful areas to explore. Mount Shasta is visible from much of the Butte Valley and is only an hour away. Several wildlife refuges grace the area also. You will want to see the geese, ducks, and other waterbirds at nearby Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, which includes Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, and Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. And then there's Meiss Lake and the Butte Valley Wildlife Area.